Our events are designed to keep you socially distanced and safe.

Let’s work together. If we do our part and you do yours, we can all stay safe and have a great day out at the drive-in.

Our COVID-19 measures

Next to this section you will see a list of measures in place at our events. Please familiarise yourself with these policies. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest where we feel there has been a breach of our own policies or Government imposed restrictions.

Before you arrive

Our tickets currently admit people from the same household. Please adhere to Government travel restrictions. Please only attend our events with members of your own household.

Our team

We employ 4 COVID-19 compliance officers. Our staff have been briefed on all COVID-19 safety measures and Government guidelines. Face coverings and gloves will be provided to all staff.

At the event

Toilets will be monitored for maximum safe occupancy and cleaned regularly. There will be access to hand sanitiser and soap at all times. Please keep at least 2 metres distance from all other guests.

Don’t forget

Tickets can only be purchased online. No cash or card transactions will be available on site.